Book Review: Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

This book is a classic amongst fans of high fantasy and after reading the book in a couple of weeks it’s really obvious why.

At first the book presents itself like any a-typical fantasy novel. A young man lives in a peaceful village while the world around him is full of war and chaos, with the prophesy of a hero rising up to save everyone. At this point I expected the book to play out like any stereotypical fantasy novel would, the young man becomes said hero, discovers a hidden power, and rises up to defeat the evil villain. While this is true in some aspects, the skill of the writer and the unpredictability of the narrative make it so much more thrilling than the a-typical novel.

The village comes under attack at a very unexpected time in the story, I was instantly riveted as Rand, the main character, was thrown into chaos and danger seemingly out of nowhere. Mystery and suspicion begin to crop up in the narrative and I as the reader became as suspicious and wary as the character was.

Soon Rand is joined by a small group that slowly grows in number with diverse and interesting characters. His friends are slowly transformed along the journey in exciting and terrifying ways as they become a part of the pattern of destiny.

The setting of the novel is immense and well thought out. This is one of the few books I’ve read that I didn’t mind the author going into detail about the back story or the political tensions being faced in each area. I found myself as engrossed with the dark history of the Aes Sedai witches, the inspiring ruggedness of Manetheran, and the gloomy atmosphere of Fal Dara as I was with the battles and chases, which are prevalent and well spaced. The journey through Blight terrified and enthralled me like no fictional landscape ever has, it seemed the very soil was determined to kill the characters if it could.

But perhaps my favorite part of this book is the unexpected plot elements littered throughout. Magic is a double edged sword for those who cast it, those who fight for truth and justice are almost as brutal and diabolical as the darkness they fight, the Aes Sedai are as cunning and manipulative as they are helpful, and the villain has a tremendous sense of omnipotence and power that had me questioning how anyone would ever bring him down. And even more terrifying is that the hero who will oppose him, might just as easily destroy the world he seeks to protect.

I strongly recommend this book to fans of high fantasy and J.R.R. Tolkien style of fiction. Readers will be engrossed with a strong story, colorful characters, a detailed world, and perhaps the most hopeless quest ever pursued.

Purchase it on these following websites, trust me it’s the best money you’ll ever spend on a book:

AmazonBarnes and Noble





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